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Saturday, June 8, 2013

5:40PM - The Trials (Chapter One & Two)

Title: The Trials
Author: kariwritesorig
Genres: Puzzles, Adventure, Sci-Fi, LGBT, Mystery, Humor.
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Faye Amze, Kai Amze, Jennifer Shales, Dylan Myners, Layla Tannings
Summary: When the Gods visited the world, a band of Tricksters left behind puzzles and Labyrinths, each with great treasures waiting for those brave enough - or foolish enough - to seek them out. Faye is one such fool. She had always been good at Labyrinths and Mazes, so she found the adventure fun, and an exciting way to pay the rent. But she is not the only one who seeks the treasures at the end of the puzzles, and not all the treasures are what they seem.
Author Notes: Book one in the Tricksters Puzzle Series, I suck at summaries, and yeah. Hope you enjoy.

Chapter One: Traps - Faye and her twin brother Kai tackle a labyrinth, with a less then welcoming treasure. (Words:2,076)
Chapter Two: Gate-Keeper - Faye receives a mysterious email that leads her into a dangerous predicament. (Words:4,121)

Monday, January 11, 2010

7:41PM - Silent Song 5

A/N: Yo! Guess what, guys? I'm baaaaack! And I have presents. ^___^

Title: Silent Song
Author: angel_gospel  (aka. TheLadyPendragon)
Fandom: Original
Genre: Romance, drama, family, music
Pairing: OMCxOMC
Rating: T, though it might increase.
Disclaimer: Mine, mine, mine. xD
Warnings: Angst, language, slash.
Summary: Carmen survived the tragic accident that stole his parents and his voice. He thinks he can now handle anything. Throw in a playboy therapist and an overprotective, mysterious new guardian. Now he's not so sure anymore. Slash, MxM. Rating may increase.

- Prologue - Chapter One - Chapter Two - Chapter Three - Chapter Four - Chapter Five -

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

9:45PM - Boy Bride Chapter 8

A/N: After a really, really long break, I have returned to writing. Here's chapter eight of Boy Bride. I think I've improved as a writer! Yay! ^__^

Title: Boy Bride
Fandom: Original
Genre: Romance, angst, drama, fantasy, mythology, humor.
Pairing: OMCxOMC
Rating: M
Author: Angel_Gospel (aka, TheLadyPendragon)
Disclaimer: Mine. Roar!
Warnings: Language, sexual content, violence, slash, relationship with a minor, mentions of mpreg, etc.
Summary: A gay prince, an unintentionally sexy foreigner, and the meddling Wizard who just wants them to get laid. Everyone else is just along for the ride. A fairy-tale unlike any you've ever read. MxM, Slash, Yaoi, Possible Mpreg.

--Prologue--Chapter One--Chapter Two--Chapter Three--Chapter Four--Chapter Five--Chapter Six--Chapter Seven--

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

3:58PM - 日本の夢

Title: The First Cup of Tea
Chapters: Prolouge Part 1
Warnings: bad english

Dislcaimer: Story@</a></a>quarrions Characters@</a></a>naoryuu
Summary: What is it like when 3 young and attractive guys from Tokyo meet and .....

(It was day like million others. Nothing special. Always the same places. Always the same people with the same smiling faces. Why was everyone’s always smiling was total mystery for Naoshi. He wasn’t in the mood at all. But the question was ... when was he? Never.)

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

1:13PM - Title: Boy Bride Ch 6

Title: Boy Bride
Fandom: Original
Genre: Romance, angst, drama, fantasy, myth
Pairing: OMCxOMC
Rating: M
Author: Angel_Gospel
Disclaimer: Mine. Roar!
Warnings: Language, sexual content, violence, slash, relationship with a minor, mentions of mpreg
Summary: When Jibriel's tribe is slaughtered and he, himself, is taken away, he thinks life can't get any worst. But after being bought by a witty wizard and being given as a gift to a handsome prince, he begins to wonder; if things couldn't get worst, could they get better?

--Prologue--Chapter One--Chapter Two--Chapter Three--Chapter Four--Chapter Five--Chapter Six--

Gallery(last pic by Aviatorlisa): LeonxJibri Kiss, The Wizard Myrddin, Leonhart: Defender of Men, Jibriel at the Beach
Chapter Summary: Leonhart is forced to show Jibriel around when he irritates Myrddin. A new character who Jibriel doesn't much like is introduced. The Council of Elders make their appearance. 

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Saturday, December 6, 2008

9:41PM - Boy Bride Chapter Five

Title: Boy Bride
Fandom: Original
Genre: Romance, angst, drama, fantasy, myth
Pairing: OMCxOMC
Rating: M
Author: Angel_Gospel
Disclaimer: Mine. Roar!
Warnings: Language, sexual content, violence, slash, relationship with a minor, mentions of mpreg
Summary: When Jibriel's tribe is slaughtered and he, himself, is taken away, he thinks life can't get any worst. But after being bought by a witty wizard and being given as a gift to a handsome prince, he begins to wonder; if things couldn't get worst, could they get better?

--Prologue--Chapter One--Chapter Two--Chapter Three--Chapter Four--Chapter Five--

Gallery: LeonxJibri Kiss, The Wizard Myrddin, Leonhart: Defender of Men, Jibriel at the Beach
Chapter Summary: Jibriel has a hard time settling in Hoor. Leonhart is flustered by his cuteness. Nana just wants to help. Myrddin's goal is to make everything worse. The shadows on the horizon are closing in.

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Sunday, November 23, 2008


Title: Y U M E - C H A N
Yunxei; Warumono Myu
Crude humor, violence, crossbreed
: Original, Fantasy
Chapter #(s): 1/??
Complete?: WIP
Yume is an average girl living in Osaka. Dealing with many hardships she is on the brink of self-destruction. Home alone one afternoon while getting ready for a party, a storm hovers over her town. Yume is oblivious until the roof collapses over her. But when she wakes up she discovers she is no longer home but... in a land parallel to that of her own.

After befriending a few locals, Yume must quickly seek the rift leading back to her home before it closes - leaving her stranded for centuries' time until another opens. An epic and exhilarating journey awaits her.

A/N: I'm hoping to have this published. I need as much feedback as I can receive...
Even the destructive bit is welcome. ^-^; Enjoy~

Chapter ICollapse )

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Friday, October 31, 2008

8:46PM - A Love of Blood

A/N: Happy Halloween, guys! I wrote this for my VHS Creative Writing class.

A Love of Blood
Fandom: Original
Genre: horror, angst, romance
Rating: T
Disclaimer: My characters, though they're nothing special.
Warnings: Not for the faint of heart. Het. Blood. Gore. Satanism. Cannibalism. Character death.
Summary: Morgan Ryder is willing to do anything to win the heart of her highschool crush---Gerry Willows. Even if that means selling her soul...or killing off the competition. Whichever works best.

I’d give my soul to the Devil, if only I could have a chance with you.

I’d make my promises in blood, and I’d always be true.



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Saturday, September 20, 2008

3:30PM - Awaiting Hope--Oneshot

A/N: This isn't like my usual stories. Just a thoughtful little piece I did for my Creative Writing class. It did help me--slightly--get over my writer's block.

Title: Awaiting Hope
Fandom: Original
Genre: Drama, general, angst, hurt/comfort
Rating: T, for mentions of war and violence
Author: Angel_Gospel
Disclaimer: I own the characters, but the situation can be all too real. Any likeliness to real persons/people is purely coincidential.
Warnings: War and violence
Status: Oneshot--Complete
Summary: Terrance, an undercover officer, finds himself drawn to a small boy. A refuge child who is waiting for his mother to be returned to him. Can Terrance save this little boy who strums his heartstrings so much? Maybe hope no longer has to wait.

LINK: The boy sat alone, far away from where all the other refuge children played, huddled near the watchful eyes of their parents. He sat closer to bomb territory, closer to death. Terrance wondered why no one ever came to claim him. To save him.

Friday, February 9, 2007

4:05PM - Horror

Title: Horror
Author: Serena Adams
Summary: Exactly what is it that actually lurks behind those eyes that look into yours every morning from across the breakfast table? Can you ever REALLY know?
Rating: R  for adult themes (No blood, guts or torture, I promise). The scariest thing about this one, is that you might be able to see
yourself in it.

HorrorCollapse )

Thursday, February 8, 2007

10:15PM - Another small ditty

The Bet
Who is the scariest killer (real or fictional) that has ever lived?  Think you know?  Wanna bet on it?  Go ahead.
What have you got to lose.............

Title:The Bet
Author: Serena Adams
Summary: Just a friendly little wager
Rating: R  for adult themes

The BetCollapse )

9:18PM - Hello to everyone

Like most of you I am a fanfic writer looking to move on to bigger and better things.
I have had some interest in my stories, but I would really love some feedback from anyone willing.
I hope I do this right.

Title: The Professional
Author: Devilfancy/ aka Serena  Adams
Summary: Amateurs Beware
Genre: Horror
Pairing(s): Predator/Prey
Rating:  NC-17 for sex and violence

The ProfessionalCollapse )

Sunday, October 15, 2006


So I was in the mood for writing something, but I didn't know what, and Ariel suggested I write a short story involving the floor, betrayal, hope, and a wooden spoon. I'm not entirely sure I want to know how I came up with this...

Here is the resultCollapse )

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

3:45PM - two poems written in trw.

I believe in youCollapse )
wanna hear, can't hearCollapse )

Sunday, July 30, 2006

9:04PM - Oy! You with the lameass...

New theme for a challenge perhaps?

How about... any genre or style, but must include at least three of these ingredients:
Love (not necessarily romantic love)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

5:39PM - New Story, Kids

The Woodlin Chapter One: IsolationCollapse )
Whatever happened to the challenges?

Sunday, June 18, 2006

11:56AM - The More Sci Fi Than Horror "Horror Challenge Piece"

Umm... Horror Challenge attempt...Collapse )

Thursday, June 15, 2006



Read more...Collapse )

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

1:49PM - story challenge - horror

Title: She Was

Make it scary.

Pain is scary.

Never before had her heart beat as fast as it was then, outrunning even the deafening clang of her high heels on the concrete as she bolted down yet another nameless, abandoned street. Behind her, she could hear him coming, his boots thumping out a slow but steady heart beat. He was always right there, it seemed, though he walked and she ran. Whenever she glanced back, she could see him, his brown tweed coat and black fedora blocking the steady downpour of rain from his pale skin.

“Help me!” The words tore from her mouth, echoing across the cavernous cement walls, but she knew it was futile. No one out there would help her, no one could even hear her. Behind every pane of glass were dirty old men with their television sets turned up too loud, families laughing over a game of Monopoly, and hot-blooded couples so involved in orgasm that none of them caught her pleas.
She was alone.

“Why do you run from me?” his voice was oil on her skin, almost seductive in its inky slickness. “I love you.”
For months, he’d tracked her. Locks of her own hair would come in the mail with letters attached. You are mine. One day soon, my love, you will stay with me forever. It took a while to pick him out in a crowd, so skinny and inconspicuous, it was difficult even to notice him. After a while he got bolder, brushing up against her on the subway, kissing the back of her neck at a restaurant. Whenever she’d turn around to tell him off, he’d be gone. Always blending into the crowd and melting away, like the phantom he’d become.

“Why can’t you leave me alone?” she half screamed between hysterical sobs. Beneath the hat, right below the shadow line that obscured his eyes, a smile formed. Neat white teeth peered between thin little lips. At first, she thought he would answer her, that his eerily pleasant smile was the prelude to the explanation she so desperately needed to hear. When she turned around to continue running, however, she discovered differently. The road had run out. In front of her, instead of another corner to turn around, was a brick wall. It towered 20 feet towards the blackened sky, lined on the sides with a dumpster and some wooden crates.
She was trapped.

“No,” the word escaped as a whisper this time, as her eyes traveled to the only exist, a narrow alleyway, which he blocked. The smile on his face didn’t move, it simply remained frozen in place as he advanced on her. Maybe there was a door she wasn’t seeing. She ran the remaining distance to the wall. Her fingers frantically played at the bricks, searching for a door, a hole, anything. Maybe she could build a tower out of crates, climb up onto the roof…

One gloved hand wrapped around her neck, cutting off her oxygen supply before she’d drawn enough air to scream. He spun her around and slammed her hard against the wall. Stars winked in her vision, and the grimy florescent light up above blinked out for a moment. She saw his eyes then, tiny specks of green, almost completely consumed by his dilated pupils. His breath came hot on her face as he panted like a randy teenager. Defending herself seemed futile, but she tried, shoving at his thin body, clawing at his face. She managed to knock his hat askew before he grabbed both her wrists and yanked hard outward.

Both her arms popped out of their sockets then fell like limp rags to hang, useless, at her side. A howl of pain issued from her throat, but it was quickly silenced by his mouth, which bite down so hard on hers he drew blood. His tongue pushed obtrusively into her mouth, down her throat, and she gagged. She did the only thing she could think to do, and bit down hard on his tongue. Foreign blood poured thick into her mouth, and as she spat it out, it streaked across his face, leaving violent red scars on his pale skin.

Fire flashed in his eyes, a burning fury, and he slammed her hard against the wall once more.
“All I want is for you to love me as I love you.” He cried out, his voice resembling that of an impatient angry child. “Is that too much to ask?”
His leather gloves were tossed aside in rage as he reached down and yanked up the hem of her blue skirt.

She asked for a blue skirt from her mother, to go with the pretty blue blouse she was going to wear on her first date with Bobby Jenkins. She’d been so excited for that date. They were going to go to the movies, and then for a walk around the park. The date was set for two days from then.

Long, bony fingers yanked aside her flowered panties and shoved deep inside her vagina. Another scream of pain was ripped from her, and she squirmed, fighting desperately to get him out, but the more she moved, the deeper in his fingers went. His mouth went slack, eyes shut tight in ecstasy as he probed deeper, harder, faster with his fingers.

“Get away from me!” she screamed out. “Get off!” Her words brought him out of his trance, but when he opened his eyes, she saw that the lust within them had only grown. Trapped within his 20-something body was a horny teenage boy who’d just gotten his first whiff of the scent of sex, and it drove him mad.

Fear flooded her brain, mingling with the desperation. It cut off any chance she had at rationality. He let out a violent howl, and ripped off the now-torn panties, discarding them near his gloves, then moved to unfasten his belt.
“No… please…” she whimpered. Her arms wouldn’t move, and he had her body pinned to the hard brick. There was no escape, none at all. The rain made his fingers slippery, so he fumbled for a moment with the button and zipper on his pants. “Please don’t…”

His penis popped free of the confines of his pressed pants, and he grasped it in his left hand, guiding it to the opening of her vagina, almost timidly. Then he lifted his head and flashed her a triumphant smile, bearing those perfectly white teeth, and pushed himself inside her. The pain was unbearable. She screamed, long and loud, but the sound of rain beating on the tin roof seemed to drown it out. He lowered his head to her neck, and placed a series of sloppy wet kisses on it before his passion took over and he nipped at it urgently. Teeth broke skin, and she saw blood run down her collarbone, steaming steadily down to hide beneath her blouse. He grunted with his thrust into her body, a guttural sound that made her skin crawl, but it soon faded as her body went numb and the world around her became fuzzy.

She watched herself from high above, trapped beneath twig-like arms. His hips moved at a sporadic tempo, sometimes thrusting slow and hard into her, sometimes pumping furiously, as fast as he could, racing towards climax. He came inside her with a scream of pleasure. His hands gripped her head, and he slammed it repeatedly against the wall, beating out his frustration’s release. When the orgasm subsided, he took a step back from her, and she slumped down in a puddle of flesh. Filthy water soaked through her skirt, tinting the blood that leaked from between her legs a brownish color.

He zipped up his pants and buttoned them, tucking in the gray shirt that had come out, and readjusted his fedora. She couldn’t move, not a single muscle in her body responded. Even the fear was gone then, only numbness, only pain. With a small chuckle, he crouched down until his eyes were level with hers. Blood dripped down the wall where he’d cracked her head open, and it was now streaking her hair red.
“See now? That was fun!” he laughed. He reached out and cupped her face, then placed a small kiss on her forehead. “I love you, kiddo. You’ll always be my girl.”

Then he reached inside his jacked pocket, and pulled out a switchblade. She saw light glint off the blade, saw the soft smile on his face as he plunged it into her neck. Blood spattered out onto his shirt, and gushed down her chest, staining the entire front of her shirt a deep crimson. Life gurgled out of her slowly. He reached out and stroked her cheek as the light left her eyes, and her eyeballs slid downwards. Her limbs went slack, and she slumped the remaining inches to her final resting-place, a pool of sewer water, blood and excrement.
She was dead.

He then stood up, and wiped the blood off his switchblade. He picked up his gloves, and the tattered pair of panties, and then he turned and walked back onto the main street. All around him fat old men watched the television too loud, families laughed over dinner or games, and lovers clung to each other, screaming incoherently in their dying passion. He smiled at this, then stepped up to the curb and hailed a taxi.

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

8:31PM - Coffehouse chatter...

This is a character sketch I wrote... and something I hope to have someday.

Coffee house chatter

Here I am again. Same old light hum of chatter. Same sweet, warmed milk and coffee aroma…. Light flickers off the walls, reflecting the dancing candle flame in the center of every table. My butt feels as though it may fall through this chair I’m sitting upon and go crashing to the floor. Yup, here I sit again at the same Uncommon Grounds. The coffee shop where we had our first date. Every time we argue…every time I try to end it… we always end up here. He called me up, as he usually does, begging me to not to leave… not just yet. “We can work it out’, he says, ‘we can talk this over just meet me at Uncommon.’ So here I am, waiting for him. I look at my watch and sigh. He’s late. I take a sip of my chai. Cinnamon and the buttery taste of warm milk gently warm my throat.

“ Hey Peanut…” A deep voice hummed in my ear, “ I’m sorry I’m late, traffic was shitty.”
He plopped himself in the chair across from me. I glared at him; “Yeah…I’m sure.”
“Erin…” He looked at me with pleading eyes, “I know you’re mad at me… I know I keep fucking up… opening my stupid mouth before thinking…” I studied his face as he stuttered an apology. My eyes tracing his sunburnt cheeks down to his chin. A strong chin that holds up strong lips. Lips furnished with passion. Passion in words and in touch; a touch so gentle… yet firm enough to make my skin tingle deliciously. His dusty blonde hair was pulled back in a small ponytail. I lingered onto his eyes… Piercing blue; always smiling. I smiled.
She smiled! He thought. Oh this is good, this is good. I think I’m getting through to her.
“I mean come on… if you leave now, who am I going to talk to in the middle of the night when I look out the window and see the most perfect moon sitting in the sky? Who else shares our love of the beauty of nature?” He laughed nervously.
“Who else understands my crazy passions… who else brings me down when I get carried away with them.”
“And who am I going to get excited with when the new X-men comic comes out?”
“ You complete me Erin… For every wrong I’ve done, you’ve filled my heart with a million rights. You make me whole… I can’t lose you.”
“ I love you Erin.” He said, and he touched her hand… Their eyes locked. She gasped.

There it was… that same energy that passed between them when they first met; She had wandered into the room and saw him lying there on the couch; Firefly playing on the TV in front of him. Their eyes met and instantly something passed between them. He buzzed with the strangest force. Urgency and excitement washed over him. They stared at each other, not saying a word. “Hi, I’m Logan,” he finally said. “Erin.” She replied. It almost felt like he knew her already… like he had known her his whole life. But that was impossible because he had never met anyone with the name Erin before.

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